Our mission is to contribute meaningfully to the flourishing of our community through the legal work we do for entrepreneurs and businesses. We hope our community is a better place as a result of how we operate our firm and the value we add to the creative business leaders shaping its future.

In a legal sense, we are a boutique business and real estate law firm focused solely on representing entrepreneurs, startups, growth companies, and private equity clients. For most of our clients, we are their legal architects - we help them design, manage, and monitor the legal infrastructure of their business.

We are not generalists.  We are experts in the specific legal issues unique to entrepreneurs, startups, growth companies, and private equity professionals.  This is where one-hundred percent of our time, focus, and knowledge is dedicated.  

It is our belief that in order to flourish and succeed, businesses need to develop and surround themselves with a core team of experts.  The infrastructure of our law firm was deliberately constructed and is actively being operated to add maximum value to businesses through the opportunity to join its team as a legal expert.            

Although our niche is legal services, we believe the legal infrastructure of businesses coexist at the intersection of so many other valuable components comprising the totality of a business.  Everyday we work side-by-side with investment, design, accounting, marketing, financial, technology and business professionals to evaluate, manage, and advise our clients holistically from all angles.  We are technicians, but we are also connectors, helping our clients find success in all arenas of their business. 

If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation or if you have any questions regarding the services our firm offers, please submit your information in the form below, and we will get back with you shortly.  If you prefer to speak with an attorney, our telephone number is in the footer below.

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